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Ghastly, Grisly, Ghoulish and Horrifying.

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NEW CD $10ppd
“We Should Worry” e.p. (SBM) Edition of 50. Made by the long arm of the Rainbow Person Clan.
Wood-burned cover and back cover. Bound with linen book cloth. Coral and cream paper for the the booklets. Photography by Carlos Sandoval. The release features three unmastered songs from our upcoming Full Length record. Recorded by Mark Underwood and Rudolf Jung. Mixed by M.Underwood and Rainbow Person. Made with the help of Van Robinson, Amber Gregory, Thomas McNamara and Elizabeth Luske.

Track list:
1. Hopeslum (reworked and re-recorded)
2. “You Are Dead”
3. Labour (reworked and re-recorded)

NEW CASSETTE no.1 $5ppd
“Baggage” e.p. (SBM) Edition of 100. Four songs recorded in April 2010 during the ‘Trade/Labour/Vocation’ session with Preston Nunez. Art by Rainbow Person, Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

Track list:
1. Consent & Consequence
2. Tenderfoot
3. Hopeslum

NEW CASSETTE no.2 $5ppd
“Endless Vacation” e.p. (SBM) Edition of 100. Features two songs by Rainbow Person, a Ramones cover and a Nirvana kick-off. Recorded live in February of 2011. These Songs originally released amongst others on a 33 Track CD-r. Features multi-instrumentalist Emily Lucero.
1. Smells Like Teen Spirit
2. Letters to Ailments
3. Endless Vacation
1. Hammer Falls
2. Endless Vacation

T-Shirt $10ppd
“Nirvana.TTF” (SBM) Photo by Emily Lucero. Black on white.

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Breaking Rocks: WINTER 2011

On “tour” for the very first time this December.
7th – Sacramento, CA @ The Axewave Manor w/ Full of Hell, Heartless, & Caulfield
9th – Portland, OR @ The Know w/ Organized Sports & White Wards
10th – ???????, ?? @ ???
11th – ???????, ?? @ ???
12th – ???????, ?? @ ???
13th – Arcata, CA @ The Facement
14th – Daly City, CA @ Serra Bowl w/ Joyride, Wild Moth, Heavy Flow & Tender Buttons

more info soon.

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‘Trade Labour Vocation’ 7″ $5
‘Trade’ Poster $6
‘No Cops’ Poster $6
‘No Cops’ Tshirt $10

-San Luis Obispo customers, all Rainbow Person merchandise is and will be consigned in San Luis Obispo exclusively at San Luis Art Supply. 1116 Morro Street, SLO, CA
http://www.sanluisartsupply.com/ Our merchandise will not be available at Boo Boo Records or Cheap Thrills.

La Catedral
La Catedral was a prison overlooking the city of Medellín in Colombia. The prison was built to specifications ordered by Medellín Cartel leader Pablo Escobar(seen in photograph above), under agreement with the Colombian government. Escobar would surrender to authorities, serve a maximum term of five years, and the Colombian government would not extradite him to the United States. In addition to the facility being built to Escobar’s specifications, he was also given the right to choose who would guard him, believing to have chosen guards only loyal to him. The prison was believed to be designed more to keep out Escobar’s enemies from assassination attempts, than to keep Escobar in.

The finished prison was often called “Hotel Escobar,” or “Club Medellín,” due to its amenities. La Catedral featured a soccer field, a giant doll house, a bar, jacuzzi, and a waterfall. Escobar also had a telescope installed that allowed him to look down onto the city of Medellín to his daughter’s residence while talking on the phone with her.

PBS reports that even though the government was willing to turn a blind eye to Escobar continuing his drug smuggling, the arrangement fell apart when it was reported Escobar brought four of his lieutenants, including his head lieutenant Paul F. Sauer, Jr., to La Catedral to be tortured and murdered. The Colombian government decided it had to move Escobar to a standard prison, which Pablo refused. In July 1992, after serving one year and one month, Pablo would again be on the run. With the Colombian National Army surrounding the facility, it is said Pablo simply walked out the back gate.

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