Salt in your hair, sun on your skin. THIS IS SUMMER.

Test press edition of 60 will be done within a couple weeks. this edition will feature a hand printed lino print cover and a LARGE screen printed poster.
The main edition of 300 records will be done by tour. This edition will feature letter pressed covers by Kaitlyn Ezell of LUMBERLUNG. and some other tba goodies.
This is a three way split release between Margin Mouth, Television, and Sad Bastard Music (that’s us).
Also for tour. Expect multiples shirts, cassettes, posters, cds, a heat wave, a Nirvana cover release, and a curious rumble emanating from the clear sky.

Here is a List of our newly compressed and revised tour date for this summer. Details will be posted as they are attained.

8/03 – Santa Barbara, CA – Probably Biko Garage. Hopefully with Drain.
8/04 – Los Angeles, CA
8/05 – Phoenix, AZ – w/ Pigeon Religion
8/06 – Reno, NV
8/07 – Boise, ID
8/08 – Seattle, WA
8/09 – Tacoma, WA
8/10 – Olympia, WA
8/11 – Portland, OR
8/12 – Salem, OR
8/13 – Redding, CA
8/14 – Sacramento, CA
8/15 – Bay, CA
8/16 – Bay, CA
8/17 – San Jose OR SLO
8/18 – SLO

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1 Response to Salt in your hair, sun on your skin. THIS IS SUMMER.

  1. Lumber Lung says:

    dude bro, sorry to be a turkey but there’s actually no lino cut involved. it’s just a photopolymer plate and some metal type, but that still sounds hella cool so you should change it to that. do y’all like them???? i hope it’s what you wanted! xoxo kaitlyn

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